Using a remote server and installing locally only the frontend dependencies

Using a Remote Server and Installing Locally only the Frontend Dependencies

If you want to work only on the frontend side of Redash, and have a Redash instance deployed already (running version 1.0.0 or newer), you can use this instance as your API server and run locally only the webpack dev-server.

The setup in this case is very simple:

  1. Install Node.js (v6 or later is recommended, can be installed with Homebrew on OS/X)
  2. Git clone the repository.
  3. Change to the repository directoy, and install npm packages: npm install.
  4. Start webpack dev-server: REDASH_BACKEND="URL of your redash server" npm run start.

The REDASH_BACKEND="" part of the command sets the URL of your remote Redash server.

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