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From small teams to huge organizations, Redash helps tens of thousands of users to query databases and visualise data in a new and meaningful way.

"At FindHotel every important decision is based on data, and Redash has quickly become one of the preferred tools to share a data story across the company. Redash dashboards combined with the large number of supported data sources have made our company data fully transparent for everyone. From technical metrics such as pipeline latencies and infrastructure costs, to high level business metrics. Everything can be easily accessed and visualised with Redash."

by German Gomez-Herrero, CTO at FindHotel

"Redash greatly reduced the need to build custom analytics UI. Our Marketing team now heavily uses cohort dashboards, it is their daily tool now! Overall, Redash saves ton of time for the team."

by Ilya Baryshev, CTO at MyBook

"It's easy for us to connect data from different sources and see the bigger picture and get more knowledge from all the data we are gathering in all different places. Redash helped us to see how our business is going. Before doing anything, we are setting the KPIs, which we are tracking on the dashboards. We have queries that help us answer some of the questions, why our users behave in such way or another. Very easy to set up. Perfect to collaborate with other team mates."

by Michael Oblak, Founder of Sheetsu

"Since we use Redash Dashboards our team is more involved in all areas of our business and we take always data-driven decisions. We passed from spending about an hour scripting to get a report, to just type a simple query and have the results ready-to-use immediately."

by Manuel de la Torre, CTO at VoxFeed

"My favourite features are parameters and filters as well as Redash API. I love Redash for the simplicity, price and a great number of usage patterns."

by Gleb Sologub, Product Analyst at SkyEng

"Redash is as essential as email to my company. We love data but accessing the data is a pain without Redash. Any company I go to, I get them hooked on Redash. It's an easy sell :)"

by Ben Dehghan, Co-Founder of Data Miner

"The ability to query multiple data sources from a single window in a read-only environment is a huge plus for our team on a day to day basis. Redash allowed our team to provide better customer service by giving us the information we need without requiring a developer to get involved."

by Jon Lee, CTO at Atomized

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