All the tools to unlock your data

Enjoy the power and comfort of Redash's query editor with powerful collaboration

  • Write queries in their natural syntax and explore schemas
  • Live auto-complete and keyboard shortcuts
  • Create snippets for elements you frequently use
  • Results are cached for minimal running times
  • Schedule auto-update times for results you rely on
  • Use query results as data sources to join different databases

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Visualize as you will &

create amazing dashboards

  • Easily visualize your results in various formats: chart, cohort, pivot table, boxplot, map, counter, sankey, sunburst and word cloud
  • Gather info from multiple sources into thematic dashboards
  • Share your data-story with colleagues, other teams or external partners
  • Share dashboards on a URL or embed widgets anywhere you need for timely and contextual data

Visualization types

Charts: Line, Bar, Area, Pie, ScatterBoxplotCohortSunburstWord CloudSankeyMapCounterPivot TableFunnel

See examples in the Redash Docs


Set up alerts and get notified on certain events on your data.


Access Redash via API and extend its functionality as you like.

User Management

SSO, access control and many other great features for enterprise-friendly workflow.

Query All the Data Sources You Need

Redash supports SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and API data sources - query your data from different sources to answer complex questions.

Supported data sources and integrations →

Democratise access to your data in your organization

Share Dashboards

Share Dashboard with a single click on a secret URL with your peers or clients.

What our customers say

"Root is an extremely data-driven company. We make dozens of changes to our product every week, and we measure the impact of all of them. Redash allows us to easily analyze data and share results among our team."

by Dan Manges, CTO at Root

"At FindHotel every important decision is based on data, and Redash has quickly become one of the preferred tools to share a data story across the company..."

by German Gomez-Herrero, CTO at FindHotel

"Redash is as essential as email to my company. We love data but accessing the data is a pain without Redash. Any company I go to, I get them hooked on Redash. It's an easy sell :)"

by Ben Dehghan, Co-Founder of Data Miner