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Query Cassandra using its natural syntax, enjoy live auto-complete and explore your Cassandra schema easily in Redash's cloud-based query editor

Get results, fast - shorter on-demand running times, all query results are cached, so you don't have to wait for the same result set every time

Schedule queries to run periodically to view the latest data without running again and again manually.

Visualize your Cassandra data and gather it into thematic dashboards from multiple sources, share the story your data tells with your team or extermal partners.

Supported visualizations: chart (area, bar, line, pie, scatter), map, cohort, boxplot, pivot, sankey, sunburst and word cloud. More are on the way.

Share insights from Cassandra via link or Slack or embed them wherever you need to make your organization truly data driven.

Integrate Redash with external services and create alerts to be alway in the know.

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