All The Tools to Unlock Your Data


Enjoy the power and comfort of a SQL client with the collaborative advantages of a cloud based service

  • Write queries in their natural syntax and explore schemas
  • Live auto-complete and keyboard shortcuts
  • Create snippets for elements you frequently use
  • Results are cached for minimal running times
  • Schedule auto-update times for results you rely on
  • Use query results as data sources to join different data bases


Always See the Big, Easy to Digest Picture for Deeper Understanding and Better Decision Making

  • Easily visualize your results in various formats: chart, cohort, pivot table, boxplot, map, counter, snakey, sunburst and word cloud
  • Gather info from multiple sources into thematic dashboards
  • Share your data-story with colleagues, other teams or external partners
  • Integrate with Slack, URL or embed anywhere you need for timely and contextual data


Interactive and Collaborative

  • Share your findings, fork others’ and create new insights
  • Use filters and parameters to allow users access to customized data sets with 0 coding
  • Easy to share results

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