BigQuery Setup

BigQuery Setup

Setup The Datasource

From your Google Cloud Console, you need to create a service account and assign it permissions to access BigQuery.

Create a Service Account

  1. Open the Service accounts page. If prompted, select a project.
  2. Click Create service account.
  3. In the Create service account window, type a name for the service account, and select Furnish a new private key. When prompted, select JSON key file type. Then click Create.
  4. When assigning a role to this service account, use the "BigQuery Admin" role. If you prefer to create a specific role for Redash, see below for a list of required permissions.

From all the settings the mandatory ones are the key file and the Project ID.

BigQuery Permissions and Roles

If you're using the predefined roles in BigQuery you need to use the admin role, as this is the only role that can create queries and list tables.

If you want to create your own role, the permissions you need to assign are: bigquery.datasets.list bigquery.datasets.get bigquery.tables.list bigquery.tables.get bigquery.tables.getData

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